Creature Design Class

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This is a class created out of my creature design workshop, 4+ hours of video demonstrating the full process of creating this character. Over 60 questions answered during that time about the industry and tips about character creation in ZBrush.

From talking about how to use and gather references, to blocking out the character in 3D using ZBrush, refining the design, cleaning up the model, doing textures, rendering inside zbrush and using photoshop to finish our project. You will get a chance to see the entire process during this tutorial.

- No skill level required to entry

I will cover the basics of my workflow but I will not teach introduction to ZBrush, so basic knowledge of the software is recommended.

- 2 days of the recorded and edited live demonstration

This was recorded during 2 days of live demonstration and edited for easier viewing. It comes with notes from both days with timestamps, so you can skip through if you want without missing anything.

- Industry and Portfolio tips

I answered questions during the workshop about the different industries that use ZBrush and I'll share my experiences.

- Learn the process of creating a full character in ZBrush

I will walk you through my process of how to start a project, what do I have in mind when gathering references, how to block things out in ZBrush, techniques to speed up your workflow, things to study to get better at sculpting, how to refine your model, different techniques to finish a character in ZBrush, how I do my renders and walk you through my techniques of composing and finalizing a piece in Photoshop. I will try to share as much knowledge as I can during the workshop and hopefully teach you a thing or two or at least inspire you during the time we have together.

Hope you like it and it helps you with your own work.

See you on the other side!

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Creature Design Class

42 ratings
I want this!