Statues/Collectibles and 3D Printing Class

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Welcome to my Yoshimitsu and 3D printing class, this is an edited version of the workshop I gave about the theme, during the 6 hour workshop we discussed the process of creation for the Yoshimitsu character and I shared as much as I could about my knowledge of 3D printing, mistakes I made and what I learned from my experiments so far. I also shared different techniques I used on other projects during the workshop from characters I 3D printed, like the Nova nad the Photon Droid, demonstrating the process of preparing those for printing.
During the workshop I also answered 40+ questions from the students, check the timestamp for more info on that. Hope you like it!

Part ONEĀ 

Yoshimitsu project breakdown/timelapse, I'll explain all the process of creating the Yoshimitsu character, from reference gathering to sculpting techniques.

Part TWO

FInishing the Yoshimitsu model and prepping it for 3D Printing. Things to look for when preparing the models and other examples of projects I 3D printed.


How to do keys (male and female joints), Making the model watertight (used my Nova project to demonstrate that). Cleaning up complexes meshes (used my Photon Droid to demonstrate that). Talk about 3D printers I use.


Cura Software, profiles, and angles to print. We will talk about other slicing software, supports, I'll show my failed prints and what to look for when doing your own prints.

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Statues/Collectibles and 3D Printing Class

67 ratings
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