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From Basics to Advanced 3D Sketching

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From Basics to Advanced 3D Sketching

Raf Grassetti's Online Store
143 ratings

I will share with you my techniques for sketching in 3D using ZBrush, from basics to advanced. 

(Important: This is not an intro to basics of ZBrush but basics of sketching inside of ZBrush, good knowledge of the software and digital sculpting is required to follow along)

Video 01 - Intro to sketching in ZBrush, my UI, hotkeys, and techniques to get you everything you need to know to follow along

Video 02 - Applying those techniques in a character, we will sculpt Hellboy from Scratch

Video 03 - Part 02 of sculpting Hellboy character

Video 04 - We will start another character from scratch and talk about other techniques, including talking about anatomy and posing the character

Video 05 - I will breakdown how I approach cloth and what you need to know to sculpt folds, we will then sculpt a character from scratch again using similar techniques and tackle the challenges in practice.

Video 06 - I will answer questions that I often get about sketching in 3D while we sculpt a bust of the demon form a sphere

Video 07 - let's practice one of the most important exercises in 3D, sculpting a skull.

Video 08 - Extra video of sculpting props, in this case, I will show you how I made the candelabra

VIdeo 09 - Let's add details and textures to all the characters from the scene.

- Basic Knowledge of ZBrush required

- ~3hrs of content

- Some videos are sped up 3x with voice over for easier watching.

- Auto subtitles in English and Portuguese

Watch a preview here:

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